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New Religion - CD Album

The 2010 second Crazy Lixx album, the first one to be released world wide through Frontiers Records.

Track list:

  1. Rock and a Hard Place
  2. My Medicine (R.O.C.K)
  3. 21 'til I Die
  4. Blame it on Love
  5. Road to Babylon
  6. Children of the Cross
  7. The Witching Hour
  8. Lock up Your Daughter
  9. She's Mine
  10. What of Our Love
  11. Desert Bloom
  12. Voodoo Woman

Line up:

Danny Rexon - Vocals
Andy Dawson - Guitars
Luke Rivano - Bass
Joél Cirera - Drums

Produced by: Chris Laney

Review by Sleaze Roxx (external link)

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