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November Greece Show Cancelled

Written by Crazy Lixx — October 08, 2015

Due to the current band memeber situation the planned performance at Rock You to Hell Festival III in Athens later this year has been cancelled.

Crazy Lixx Looking for New Guitar Players

Written by Crazy Lixx — August 20, 2015

After massive fan support and extensive discussions within Crazy Lixx the band has decided to give it another shot and try to find new band members to fill the guitarist spots after Andy and Edd.

“We’ve still got requests from promoters wanting to book shows and we’ve had a lot of stuff pending since the member situation has been uncertain for quite a while. We really feel we owe it to ourselves and our fans to at least look at the possibilities of putting together a new version of Crazy Lixx to get back in the game – and the first crucial step is to find new guitar players.” - says lead singer Danny Rexon

If you’re interested in applying please send an e-mail to with a short presentation and a link to a video clip of you playing (and singing if you know how to), preferably, but not necessarily, a Crazy Lixx song.

One or more of the skills and talents below are sought after:

  • Rhythm guitar playing
  • Lead guitar playing
  • Lead and / or backing vocal singing
  • Studio and recording experience
  • Live performance, stage and touring experience
  • Lyrics and song writing

If this sounds like you or someone you know, don’t hesitate to send us your application. We’ll look through each and every one but for practical reasons we won’t be able to answer each applicant personally. If we’re interested in letting you audition we’ll get in touch.

Danny, Joél & Jens – Crazy Lixx

Guitarist duo leaves Crazy Lixx

Written by Crazy Lixx — August 08, 2015

What many might have suspected can now officially be confirmed - guitarist Edd Liam has, for personal reasons, decided to quit the band. Edd has been in Crazy Lixx since the start of the 2010 tour following the release of our second album New Religion and played on two studio albums – Riot Avenue (2012) and the self-titled Crazy Lixx (2014). What may come as more of a surprise is that this summer also brings the end to Andy Zäta’s 7 year long career as lead guitar player for CL as he is now instead assuming one of the guitarist positions in the newly started British rock band Inglorious. Andy joined after the departure of Vic Zino (who joined Hardcore Superstar) in 2008 and has been, together with singer Danny Rexon, one of the main song-writers for the band and also the co-producer on the last two studio albums.

As to the future of the band, nothing has yet been decided. - “It is indeed a difficult position for us and we have yet to discuss how we will react on this situation, but I would lie if I said the band’s future existence isn’t at stake. The rest of us will have to sit down and start making plans for the remainder of the year and most importantly, decide whether Crazy Lixx is in those plans or not.” – says lead singer and founder Danny Rexon.

All interview requests for the band or the ex-members Edd and Andy about their departure can be sent to

Danny, Joél and Jens - Crazy Lixx

Introducing: Lady Fit Tees

Written by Crazy Lixx — March 01, 2015

We've added some really nice lady fit T-shirts in the online store. Four different designs are currently available, all printed on the super comfy and feminine Anvil 880 T-shirt. Only €23 and free shipping worldwide as usual.


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