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New Tour Dates

Written by Crazy Lixx — August 24, 2012

New tour dates have been confirmed; two shows in Finland in November and two in Switzerland in January next year. See 'Tour' for more info.

Added Store Functions

Written by Crazy Lixx — July 30, 2012

From now on you can now change the currency in the store by choosing the one you want from a drop-down list. Also, the cart has been updated so that you are given a shipping estimate when viewing your cart instead of having to go through almost the entire purchasing process before being able to see the shipping cost.

Hope these two new things will improve your shopping experience and don't forget to tell us if you have some more ideas or improvements you think we should add.

New Products & Updated Shipping

Written by Crazy Lixx — July 23, 2012

Two new products are now available in the store: Sweatband and Logo Patch, both going for €3 apiece.

We've also updated the shipping rules to allow for much smaller orders (like sweabands, patches, stickers and CD singles) without ruining the customers (you guys) with incredibly high shipping costs. Before, the lowest limit was €7 for international shipping no matter what you ordered so now we've set the lowest rates at just €2 for orders up to 20g (like a patch or some stickers).

Here's the complete list of new (and old) shipping rates:

Rest of the World
0g - 20g
€1.50 €2
20g - 100g
€2 €4
100g - 250g
€3 €7
250g - 500g
€5 €10
500g - 1000g
€6 €20
1000g - 2000g
€8 $30

New UK Tour Dates Confirmed

Written by Crazy Lixx — July 11, 2012

Three new UK tour dates have been added for November this year.

  • Roadhouse, Manchester - 16th
  • Surya, London - 17th
  • Yarbirds Rock Club, Grimsby - 18th

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